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Garden City Brew Fest and Mountain Brewers Fest

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Next for the Team is the Garden City Brew Fest IN Missoula, MT, Saturday May 6, 2017.

We will follow Montana with a trip to Pocatello, Idaho for the Mountain Brewers Festival on Saturday June 3, 2017.

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Utah Beer Festivals

The weekend of Utah Beer is near! Saturday the 27th and Sunday the 28th, 2016, are the Utah and Park Silly Beer Festivals respectively. The Team will be celebrating beer and X-Mormonism at both Fests. If you like either or preferably both, then you should come celebrate with us!The Utah Beer festival will be held at the [...]

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Arizona Beer Week & The Strong Beer Festival

As most of you already know, there is a strong presence of Mormons in Arizona. There are multiple Temples around the State as well as former Church run schools (Eastern Arizona College). However there are also a large number of former Mormons and those who have begrudgingly had their doors knocked on. Well, it is time to bring [...]

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Drunk Mormons

These four guys paid attention in the Mormon primary class!  But do you think they made it to church after this party?  

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Jack Mormons

People often call me a Jack Mormon. The Urban Dictionary defines a Jack Mormon as “A person who is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, but seldom or never practices their religion… Jack Mormons may also indulge in activities discouraged by the church, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and premarital sex.” I know [...]

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Festivals on our radar

Next Up: Garden City Brew Fest, Missoula, MT, May 6, 2017On deck: Mountain Brewers Fest, Pocatello, ID, June 3, 2017Planned Stops in 2017: Salt Lake City, Phoenix, Park City, Reno, Laramie, YellowstoneFall 2016: The Great American Beer Festival. October 5, 6 &7, 2017Do you have a Festival suggestion?  Please let us know!

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